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 Mental Wellness
Mental Health - Disorders

News and information on mental health issues, the history of mental illness understanding and treatment, basic facts about various mental illnesses, and tips on living with it.

 MSN Groups : Alexithymia
Mental Health - Disorders

Support group for partners, parents, employees, and others who interact with individuals who suffer from Alexithymia.

 NPR : Texas Mental Health Plan Could Omit Thousands
Mental Health - Disorders

News story on changes in the way this state delivers services to the mentally ill under a new system called 'disease management.' [7:31 streaming audio broadcast]

 Psych Central - Symptoms and Treatments of Mental Disorders
Mental Health - Disorders

Lists culled from current diagnostic criteria most commonly used in the United States by mental health professionals. These are divided into three broad categories: adult, childhood, and personality disorders.

 The Alexithymia Info Page
Mental Health - Disorders

"In brief, alexithymia is the inability to talk about feelings due to a lack of emotional awareness. Alexithymics are typically unable to identify, understand or describe their own emotions, and the construct of alexithymia refers to some of the chief manifestations of this deficit in emotional functioning."